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Strategies that Speak Results in SEO

"Strategies that will help you to increase website traffic and build your sit into a authority site!"

Today almost all the businesses are looking to increase their ROI from their website. With that, they are also looking at ways and methods by which they can increase their website traffic and maximize their online presence.

The 5 strategies listed in this article will help you in not only optimizing your website for increasing your customers but also improving the cash flow from your website. The information that is summarized below will help you in getting immediate results for your business.

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Strategy 1: Setting your goals
A website without a goal is like shooting a bullet in the dark. Just as the bullet looks for a target, so do Internet Marketers needs to prioritize their goals as to what they expect from their website. Most of the Internet Marketers have primarily 2 goals in mind:

1. Building quality leads, and
2. Increasing the number of leads.

In order to achieve the above, it is important that your website is crafted in such a way that it can encompass the following:

Attention: Your website should be well designed and contain valuable and informative content that can attract more and more visitors from the search engines.
Interest: Your website should be able to display the advantages of your products and services such that there is an interest in the visitor to know more about your product/service.
Decision: Your website should be able to illustrate to the visitor that by purchasing the respective product/service they would be making a smart decision.
Action: Your website should be able to cut through your competition and ensure that the prospect converts to a customer.

Strategy 2: Conversion optimization
It’s a known fact that nearly 50% of the visitors are lost because they cannot find the product or service they are looking for. If this is true, then where are the visitors going? Are you tracking the conversions that are happening on your website? For example, you had 50 visits today. Out of the 50 that visited, 30 went to the product/service page. Out of that only 10 clicked on the sign up link and finally only 2 paid. This is what needs to be tracked and you should find out where were the points or the pages from where the visitors left and what were the reasons for their exit.

Some points to ponder on:

1. Is my websites’ navigation confusing?
2. Does it display a value proposition that would benefit the visitor
3. Are my headlines able to elicit action?
4. Is my content unique and keyword friendly?
5. Does my website offer a risk free guarantee?
6. Do I have testimonials on every page of my website?
7. Does my website look professional?
8. Does my website have VeriSign certificate?

A well designed website can definitely change the perspective of the visitor and that’s something that you would like to ensure in your website. Once you have succeeded in building a well developed website, your sales will increase, conversion rates will shoot up, customer retention will increase, and finally you will get rid of all that stress.

Strategy 3: Driving immediate traffic to your website
The fastest way by which you can beat the competition with a new website is by first performing AdWords Optimization. With AdWords Optimization, you can immediately beat your competitors and maximize your profits from day one itself. Unfortunately, many internet marketers fail in their initial attempts to either take advantage of this laser targeted traffic generating method or by not monitoring and managing their AdWords campaigns on a regular basis.

The Solution!
Identify the client acquisition cost! Let us consider a hypothetical case where the profit made on the sale of a product is $250. Per the data available, a sale is made from 250 visits. Therefore the visitor value is $1.00 for each visitor to book a profit! The best solution would be to bid low and keep a constant track on the metrics and performance of your campaigns.  Then tweak them as and when necessary.

Also, create unique advertisements that are focused around your main keywords. These advertisements can then be split tested based on the CTR – click through rate to see which ad is performing better when compared to others.

Strategy 4: SEO – Search Engine Optimization to improve your ranking
In order to improve the ranking of your website, you need to ensure that your website is submitted to those sites (Directory Submission Sites, Article Submission Sites, Press Release Sites, Reciprocal Linking sites) that have a good page rank.

Points to note:

  • Ensure that your website gets a huge number of relevant and quality links than your competitors.

  • Ensure that the anchor text that is used in your website has the keywords that are present in the content of your web page.

Strategy 5: Testing & Tracking
The key to the success of your business lies in maintaining, monitoring, and managing your metrics. The metrics will tell you exactly as to what is converting and what is not.

For example:
What amount of sales happened yesterday?
Which page of your website converted the most?
From which location did the maximum number of visitors come?
What is my ROI?

The 5 strategies explained above will surely get you results that you would have never imagined if you implement and execute them correctly.
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