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3 Main Ingredients for Writing A Content Development Plan

"If you're cooking up a blog post or compiling an article for your website, you need to know what the intention of the content is, and what the solution is going to be."

The objective is to always strategize before any content is created. When you start creating quality content and your customers get interested, you'll realize this is a much superior strategy. Now, let’s get started on the first step, which is to define your audience.

Content Development Plan SEO Traffic Spider

1. How to define your Target Audience?
Depending upon your products or service you offer, it's vital to define your target audience before you start to write. Who will benefit from reading your content related to your service/ product? The aim of your content should not only answer the pain points, but should also offer answers to your target audience.

This will keep the reader interested and engrossed in what you've written. The goal here is to target a market with which you can interact. A group of people with the same level of education, aspirations, goals, concerns, etc who will need the product or service you are offering.

Basically, you want to identify individuals who will buy your service/product. The most widely used data for defining the target audience are: age, gender, background in education, purchasing power, social status, place, consumption patterns. Content written for your target audience should be efficient enough to satisfy the reader's curiosity and at the same time you need to ask the following questions before you begin:

  • Who are they?
  • What is the benefit of your product?
  • What are the challeneges or desires?
  • Who do they trust?

For your target audience trust is everything. No one buys a product or service from a business that they don't know or trust. That's why Amazon reviews are read and so valuable to sellers. They know that it creates confidence and that it also allows Amazon to become a trillion-dollar corporation. While this is the last question to identify the target audience, it is one of the most relevant.

The trick, however, is to produce content that targets your ideal customer and nobody else. Standard material can produce more traffic, but it will also produce less sales. You can use Ubersuggest to figure out what your target audience is looking for. Only type a keyword specific to your audience, e.g. Black Running Shoes. This may be one of the best ways to start planning content.

2. What should be your Content Goals?

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer education
  • Customer engagement
  • Brand loyalty

When writing your content/post, give users advice on applying what you're offering them. Several times, just writing well on the subject will give readers some ideas. It's a give and take situation, while your goal is to cover your audience benefits you should also think about what your business will gain from it. Content development is intended to teach, entertain, and raise questions. If you integrate your content with the right objectives, you will delve deep into your marketing campaigns and make meaningful connections with your target audience and customers.

Write Short and Pointed Content: There’s nothing better than a short, point-to-point blog post or an article that's packed with information. Using LSI Keyword is a keyword that is semantically linked to a main keyword. Often content writers often use tools like Grammarly to avoid common grammatical mistakes and incorrect phrases. This is a particularly useful tool if you're unfamiliar with blog writing or don't always write long-form content. Ensure that your headline has a punch. Headlines need to draw attention, but they should be simple, appropriate, and straightforward so that readers can find out exactly what they expect if they want to engage with your content.

Creating a content calendar:  Calendars also help you schedule objectives, so that you get the most out of important holidays and events. You need to plan what content to post, how much to post and specific posting dates to optimise your results. It will keep audiences hungry for more by meeting deadlines while increasing your performance with exponentially better content. With a calendar, there is less risk of repetition and you will even be aware of any breaks in the critical flow of information. Establish a strategic content sharing strategy. You don't need to be a master strategist to work this out. What you really need to do is optimise your schedule for sharing. Whether you're learning about a new trending concept or discovering a great article to link with your next post, your new knowledge will be effective in developing your content. Build personalised content for your audience and repurpose your content into multiple types based on the following options:

  • Video or interactive content is the most key element of engagement
  • Turn it into an infographic or a newsletter.
  • Courses and Tutorials

3. Measure and learn from your results
One of the most critical aspects of creating a successful content strategy is evaluating the effects of the content marketing activities. You should consider what your audience enjoyed, what they didn't like, and why they didn't like it. If the content is part of a sales funnel, ask yourself which part of the sales funnel you are creating the content for. Content needs to be customised to the particular audience in each section of the sales funnel. The easiest and simplest way to track leads is to use targets in Google Analytics. Sharing on channels like social media can be a great way to judge how involved the audience is.

Ask yourself, what types of content is being shared, who is sharing, which platforms are being used and most importantly, what type of content is being converted? This is just the first part of the puzzle that is made up of a reasonable content strategy and targeted content creation. The final part is amplification of the content and providing a push into heat.

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