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Instagram For Business | Millennials Means of Marketing

"How Instagram can be used to increase your business by engaging with the audience to generate comments and followers?."

In today’s digitalized world, it is no longer hyperbole to claim that the virtual has become reality. Internet marketing, a basic necessity for every other company in today’s society, has gained widespread popularity and recognition especially through Instagram, a platform used by 1 billion users across the world to market their respective products. Instagram makes for an interesting case study in social media platforms, because of its unique style. Accounts can be either public or private, making it an ideal platform for both budding talents looking to showcase their skills as well as people who prefer to keep their lives private while sharing information with a selected number of individuals.

Instagram For Business

An easy to use platform, incorporating a wide variety of marketing tactics, topped with a cosmic user base having a global reach is exactly how Instagram can be described.

How does one use Instagram effectively to reach you to their respective target audience?

  • Aesthetics - A pleasure to the eyes works its way into the heart. A well managed, properly themed and regularly updated Instagram feed with its aesthetics is a major requirement today. The better your feed looks, the more curious people get to scroll down and get a deeper insight of your page. Hence, create an atmosphere you’d like to be a part of.

  • Bio - A small, crisp and engaging bio leaves people waiting for more. It is this one thing that makes people hit the follow button, which is exactly the demand considering the numerous pages coming up on a daily basis on Instagram. A public profile is something that can be looked at any time. Thus, there has to be some magic in your bio that directs them to tap that button instantly.

  • Experiment with Teasers - Show the real side of your business and your personality through these teasers which makes them more interested and curious about the actual content and what the page/website has for them. Teasers are the best way to get your target audience crave for the entire content. You can use how-to videos, answer frequently asked questions, offer greetings, show celebrations, or use blooper reels even. Use these videos to connect with your audience and recommend they visit your website for more details or information.

  • Use Hashtags - Hashtags are the new trendsetters. The best way to get a hang of your audience is by the usage of hashtags that are relevant to your post. It increases your exposure, reach and thus helps expand the business.

  • The 2 E's - Exclusivity and Engagement are the two most important facets of expanding your business via Instagram. The content available on your Instagram page should be accurate, credible and original. No plagiarism of any sort should be entertained with respect to your feed and the pictures/videos must be something that you wouldn’t find on any other platform of yours. Regular improvisation and updating of content is a must for you to attract a user base.

  • Stories and Highlights - A new and interactive feature of Instagram is the option of adding it to your story/highlight. Experimentation must be done with these two features as it is this that keeps the audience hooked on to your page considering the type and the way the story/highlights looks. You must take into consideration the likes and dislikes of your audience ad thus use this feature accordingly.

The world has now become a rat race to achieve self actualisation and reach the finish line getting rid of your hurdles in the best way possible. The hurdle being your target audience and the finish line being your audience reach and exposure via the right marketing strategy. Now, Get Set Go!

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