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How To Sell Art Online And Make Money

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done.  Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it.  While they are deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol

As a painter/artist you make great paintings, but are you able to capitalize your paintings and gain income? Am sure you would want to be famous and earn revenue selling your artworks.
Your signature on the oil painting canvas should develop into a brand, isn’t this your dream? Rather a dream for all painters. You would wish that your audience can relate to your artwork as a brand!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”- Quoted by Albert Einstein. We take it a bit further by stating “Creativity is intelligence having fun by generating income when advertised with accuracy”.

How To Make Money With Art Skills

With 14 years of digital marketing experience in various verticals overcoming many challenges with practical solutions, we put forth a plan for you to achieve recognition as a flourishing artist and monetize your paintings rather than being stacked up in your art studio. This guide will help you with:

  1. Digitizing your Art
    Use a digital camera that takes high-resolution images, but any smart phone with a good camera works. Just keep in mind that starting with a high-resolution file will give you more control over the image quality and how big you’re able to enlarge it. Use a white poster board or a piece of white paper to reflect light evenly on your art.

  2. Uploading the Images
    To showcase your artwork, you have the options of creating a Website, Blog, Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, etc would help you in getting your art online. Join groups on Facebook to promote your work and also do use Facebook Marketplace to sell your work. You also do have the option publish your art on various online platforms like Fine Art America, Artpal, Amazon, Etsy, Storenvy, Ebay, Minted, Society6, Casetify, Redbubble, Artfinder, Gallerist, etc, where you would have to share an amount with them for using their services. These online platforms can get you a lot of coverage and help in increasing your sales.

  3. Adding the details to your Art
    It’s important that each image has a crisp Title and Description which makes use of keywords that your audience would be searching for. Do mention the Price, Discounts, Shipping and Refunds information in detail.

  4. Prevent your work from being stolen or copied
    Adding a visible watermark to your images and uploading a low-resolution image of not more than 72dpi in a Jpeg or jpg format. Keep the image small around 300 pixels, so that if anyone tries to enlarge the image, it would get pixelated. You can also use portions of your image, instead of the complete image. Don’t forget to mention to your audience that a high-quality version is available on purchase. Give people the possibility to contact you - for example, by showing your email address or mobile number. It will make it easier for your audience to seek permission to use your work.

  5. Making copies of the same art
    The beauty of digitizing your art is to make replicas on the canvas of your painting according to the order received. A masterpiece can be with you forever or sold at a premium price whereas digitized paintings can be sold at a slightly lesser cost but more in numbers, like 10-12 of a particular painting. I bet no artist can make the exact same painting twice, forget 10 times. So, for example you have a canvas painting of a horse which is the original, now you need to go to a digital printer who can print the same original copy on a canvas for you. Hence, you can take more orders, as you can digitally print it, provided you have the original painting with you.

  6. Hashtags
    Do you know tagging the brand of supplies you used and the shop from where you purchase is as important as specifying relevant hashtags that resonates with your artwork and target audience? Identify the hashtags that are trending and also that are appropriate with your art, and use them.

  7. Selling your art work as digital patterns
    Try to make your art more usable by digitizing it as a print that can be customized on textiles or wall papers. By making digitized prints, you can have many prototypes of the same design which can be utilised in many ways to create various product styles, these can be customised prior to an advance payment. There is a huge market for selling your artwork as digital downloads. Your art can then be downloaded once paid up for. There is a need for art prints, and watercolour art for wedding invitation or party invite etc.

    Add your artwork to coffee mugs, ceramics, diary covers, a pouch, and pillows etc. You could get a bit of your artwork printed on fabric and then make it into a quirky-chic handbag to sell. Create coordinating product sets of your water colour paintings as coaster sets, trays etc. Tie up with corporates to bulk produce your prints on calendars and other merchandise as gifts. We encourage you to sell your art, make it a brand, sell online, and use it as a source of income.

You Paint, We Promote
Most mistakes that artists do is they don't know how and where to promote their artwork. I know it isn’t easy to paint all day and then get back to promoting your own work. That’s when we come into the picture to assist you. We will manage all the digital marketing for you and create a road map to sell your paintings. We can also set up virtual shops and make use of paid campaigns to promote your brand and art across various social media platforms.

If you are already established selling your paintings, we can help you with the brand building.
Your signature painting is the brand people will want to have their homes adorned with.
Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram Ad Campaigns are the channels to market your paintings because this is where your customer is searching for what they need.
We will make a conscious decision to not compete with the masses but concentrate on marketing your own unique style and use that to help you stand out in the crowd and gain revenue and establish a niche clientele.

So, keep painting and make beautiful canvas paintings while you don't forget to Promote, Advertise & Digitize with The Nerdy Spiders of SEO Traffic Spider!


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How To Sell My Art

How To Sell Art Online And Make Money