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"Smart Marketing Services will help you to take your business to the next levl in the most cost effective way!"

SMART Marketing Services

SEO Traffic Spider has realized that there is a need of a smarter way of connecting with various audiences, so that your business can be promoted with the least effort. This would help you in getting vast exposure through a simple creation of Infographics.

Infogrpahics is an image that captures the entire gist of the content and gives a pictorial representation of the data. This helps your audience in getting the message by looking at the image, and taking action by clicking on the CTA – Call To Action button. These creatives can now be shared on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, FaceBook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc as they can be integrated. What’s important here is to use the right “#” tags so that when one is searching with a particular keyword your creative is displayed because of the hash “#” tag that has been used.

Now that you have collected a bunch of infographs, you need to theme them, meaning group similar images that communicate the same message. Once you have identified your group of images you can then create a small video, with the help of your smart phone, which would have the option of screen recording or use PhotoGrid. Now that you have your video created this can be promoted on YouTube and again on various Social Networking platforms like ones mentioned above.

We have termed this concept as SMART because:

  • Specific – Can the details mentioned in the Infographs be specific to provide an opportunity or answer the problem?
  • Measurable – Can a qualitative or quantitative element be associated to create a metric?
  • Attainable – Can the info obtained be interpreted to scale performance?
  • Relevant – Can the info act as a solution to the challenges that are faced in the market/business?
  • Time-based – Can milestones be set for different time intervals so that the targets can be measured based on their performance?

SMART Objectives need to focus on the following points:

  • Digital Channel purpose
  • Acquisition purpose
  • Conversion purpose
  • Engagement purpose

A few examples of our work are as follows:

Infograph - on page optimization


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