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"Videos help in conveying your message easily there by increasing your sales, improving your reputation and also increasing website traffic!"

One of the most recent trends today in building backlinks and driving traffic to a website is video submission. This process has of late become very popular among the savvy internet marketers as its easy to get started with it. Video submission is a process where you create a video which can be purely text based or containing a power point presentation and sound and then uploading and submitting this video to video submission sites. The video you create can contain a description of your products or service offerings, new launches, or any other matter that is appealing and can drive more traffic to your site.

Video Submission

The main idea behind video submission is that search engines assign more weightage to pages containing videos. For instance, if you submit a video of your product on Youtube, then when anyone searches for that product on the Internet, the possibility of your video showing in the top results is much higher when compared to not having any video. Additionally, if you put a link pointing to your site in this video or under it, it can benefit you as well as your site. This is because when people watch your video, they see your products or services in it and if they are interested in what they see then they will visit your website to buy what they have seen and liked.

Advantages of Video Submission
Some of the key benefits of the video submission process are:

  • It helps in getting more traffic to your website.
  • It helps in building more backlinks for your site.
  • One video can be submitted to several video submission sites.
  • You can drive traffic from several video submission sites to which you have submitted your video.
  • Search engines give more weightage to videos.

How to create a video?
Since video submission is the most happening process to boost traffic to a site, it would be a good idea to start creating a video if you don’t already have one. If you have any text based content with you, it can be converted into a video by you speaking about it or creating a presentation out of it. However, it is important to keep in mind that a video must be interesting enough to be able to capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. It can also contain a demonstration of how users can use the product or particular software for their business.

How to gather content for your video?
Once you have chosen the topic you want to create a video on, you can then start talking about it before the video camera. When you put yourself on the video, it adds a more personal touch and builds more credibility. Also, it instills more trust in people and increases the chances of them connecting with you.

You can also create a video that contains the actions people need to take in order place an order for your product or use it. This can be done using a screen capturing software that will record a video of your actions on the computer. By demonstrating your ordering procedure, it will help people know how easy and secure it is to place an order with you. This can benefit you by driving more sales.

Finding your audience
Once you have created your video, you need to upload and submit it to the video submission sites who will allow you to host your video free of cost. You can check out sites like YouTube, AOL Video, Google Video, and many others and sign up to create an account with them. Each of these sites will guide you on hosting your video, assigning keywords to them, putting them under the correct category, etc. The main advantage of hosting your video on these video hosting sites is that you will free up your own disk space and not take up the bandwidth of your web server.

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