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WhatsApp Business Strategy For Small Business Owners

"There is a powerful gadget in your hand which can help you enhance your business? Your mobile is that gadget in which you can download WhatsApp Business to help grow small business exponentially."

A perfect blend of convenience and forward-thinking productivity features, WhatsApp Business account which is a perfect tool for business owners that improves your reach. The WhatsApp Business will soon become everyone's favourite next generation business messaging app.

With over 1.5 million users WhatsApp is most popular in 104 countries, where India being the largest and Brazil being the second largest users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business Features are as follows:

  1. Well Designed Business Profiles

    All the information needed by your customer about your product/service is well designed and categorized on WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business Strategy For Small Business Owners

    This includes your business name, contact number, description, address, category of your business, business hours, email id, website url, social links, and your product/service catalogue. The address feature is integrated with Google Maps, which will allow your audience to reach your business.

  1. Distinct Automated Messaging Tool

    Great tools make you get better businesses. In this digital space connecting with your customers in an authentic way is always appealing and valuable. The messaging tool has options for away messages, greeting messages, quick replies, labels and a short link.

    These kind of messaging options help in engaging with your customers, and make them feel valued. Provide them a phone number with some useful information or promotions so they can call and get a quick response. An automated away reply will make your customers aware that you will get in touch with them soon. Instant quick replies and common messages can be sent with a single tap.

  1. Organization and Statistics

    WhatsApp Business provides insightful and intuitive information to its users. As you chat with your customers you gather useful data included in the statistics feature which enables you to get simple metrics about how many messages are read, and sent each week. You can tweak messages accordingly to get better results for your customer engagement.

  1. Chat Labels. 

    In this feature you can label your chats to come back later with more context. These labels come in different colours and to name a few like “new customer”, “order complete” etc.
    You can also store your chat history for analytics with a two step verification that provides additional security on Google drive.

  1. Security

    WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption which pays strict attention to protect subscriber’s privacy.

  1. Catalogue
    Customers would like to connect with businesses on a friendly platform which is fast and reliable. Showcase your product range in the catalogue and highlight the information your customers need to know like pricing, images with descriptions. 

    Providing product links and SKU codes can help you keep check on your catalogue items. Strategically sending images of your products from your catalogue can enhance the quality of your brand and can give a head-start to conversational commerce that can lead to conversions and quick sales giving a more professional look to your brand and keeping the customers engaged without even having to visit the website.

How does WhatsAapp Business Account help to enhance the flow of information to your customers?

  1. WhatsApp Business can be an excellent tool to offer customer support because of its omnichannel approach and can take your business to the next level by increasing trust when your customers can reach out to you by a single click, rather than waiting for an answer on a helpdesk.

  2. Customers demand personalized answers and real-time communications. Holding on to speak to a customer service representative is increasingly growing as a practice which is unacceptable.

  3. What App Business broadcasts is an asset to small businesses, sending 256 people messages at a time, saves time and money. 

  4. Engaging customers with important proactive service / product updates, providing customers support to initiate customer conversations with seamless agent assistance. 

  5. Branded stickers can add fun and memorable conversations to keep your customers engaged.

WhatsApp Business solutions will propel you into the global market with UPI based payment methods through which you could receive as well as send money. Payments on Whats app is as simple as sending videos or images.There is a dedicated payments section under the shortcut menu. Users can check transactions history and account details there. So if your customer’s are in multiple countries or just one, WhatsApp Business Account will enhance interactions thereby exceeding customer expectations to grow their business.

This app can be installed on a single device, if you need multiple people to use it across multiple devices then install Whatsapp Business API Account.

WhatsApp Business account gives you an upper hand compared to other business channels of Email and SMS since it helps you expand your customer reach while improving deliverability, increasing conversions, achieving your Key Performance Indicators and enhancing security. If you need help in setting this up for you then do reach out to The Nerdy Spiders!


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