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"Increase website traffic with Google AdWords Optimization. Insist that you account is been optimized by a GAP certified professional!"

Google AdWords today is one of the best platforms to introduce your new business into the market or to promote your existing business. It gives an opportunity to businesses of any size and age today to advertise and compete online with each other and to make the most of their advertising dollars.

However, creating a successful campaign and advertising on Google through AdWords is quite challenging as there are several issues involved with maintaining a well structured account. Also, there could be several issues regarding the inactive status of your keywords, ad text and keywords being disapproved, very high CPCs required to run on certain keywords and so on.


Google AdWords

We, at SEO Traffic Spider, help you achieve your goals by devising optimization strategies and making modifications that get the results you want for your keyword-targeted campaigns.

What We Offer for Your PPC Campaign
We, at SEO Traffic Spider, understand the need for small businesses to successfully advertise their products and services while keeping in mind their goal of maximizing their account performance. A thorough understanding of the AdWords system is very important for you to gain the most out of your investment in it. Therefore, to help you achieve this, we offer you an opportunity to take advantage of the optimization services we offer. Our optimization strategy comprises the following:


Account Structuring SEO Services
A complete organization of your account structure which includes organizing your campaigns (in case of multiple campaigns) into separate ad groups. We structure your current ad groups and create additional ad groups based on a thorough research of your website and your products and services. This helps your ads to be more targeted and increases the chances of a prospective customer clicking through to your website.

Keyword List Structuring
We also scrub through your current keyword list and help you expand your keyword list with more relevant keywords. These new keywords will help trigger your ads more often and increase your visibility for a targeted audience.

Negative Keyword List Structuring
We also scrutinize your negative keyword list to add more relevant negative keywords and offer suggestions to remove those that may be hindering your ad from showing up. The negative keyword list will help increase your clickthrough rate (CTR) and ROI by filtering out all irrelevant searches.

Matching Option Suggestions
We also review and suggest matching options that will not only help you monitor your traffic more closely but also filter out more searches which in turn leads to a higher CTR (clickthrough rate) and more targeted traffic.

Ad Text Suggestions
We also create new ad texts and creatives for each of your ad groups with targeted ad titles to maximize your ad relevance in relation to your keyword list. We pay special attention to bring your ad to the limelight by highlighting special offers you may have, using call to action phrases, and other techniques that will attract users to click on your ad.

URL Suggestions
We also help you send your visitors directly to your advertised product or service on your site by suggesting the appropriate destination URLs that should be used.

Daily Budget Suggestions
We also help you set the correct daily budget based on your goals to maximize your ad visibility.

CPC (cost per click) Suggestions
This is also one of the most important factors that determines where your ad will appear in the search result pages for each of your keywords. We guide you in adjusting and setting your maximum CPC's for your keywords and ad groups to increase your ad's position or reduce your cost based on your advertising goals.

Targeting Option Suggestions
Targeting your ad to the right location is very important to drive relevant traffic to your site. We also help and guide you in setting up correct location targeting whether it is country, regional, or customized targeting..


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