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Stumble Upon & Stumble Xchange

"Increase website traffic by doing Stumble Upon and Stumble Xchange. These processes are good to spread the word in the online community!"

StumbleUpon is an online community which enables its users to find and assign a rating to websites, website content, videos, and photos. The idea behind this concept is that when people join this community, they can find websites that are of interest to them and then they can bookmark these websites and rate them for other users to see.

StumbleUpon has gained a lot of popularity recently as being one of the best platforms for website marketing. It is unique as it categorizes websites based on different topics or themes. Also, it is the human factor here that decides what is important and what is not by giving a positive rating or a negative rating to websites. The websites that get a positive rating are bound to get more traffic when compared to websites that get a negative rating.

Stumble Upon

How StumbleUpon works?
Once you sign up in StumbleUpon, a toolbar gets installed on your browser and you are required to check all those boxes which contain different categories or topics that interest you. Once you select your category and click on the “Stumble” button on the toolbar, you will be directed to a website that falls in the category of your choice. You can then browse through this website and if you want to check out another site, all you have to do is again click on the “Stumble” button and a new website will show up in that category. You can continue stumbling websites as long as you want.

Also, when a uses clicks the “Stumble” button, the website that gets displayed depends upon the user’s and the user’s friends ratings on previous webpages and the ratings given by other users having similar interests. Therefore, it is important to have good content on your site because the better the rating for your site content, the more successful you will be. You must try to craft your content in a manner that matches the likes of the users and avoid things that people do not like. This can go a long way in helping you get more traffic and better rankings.

Stumble Xchange
Today, webmasters realize the potential that StumbleUpon has as a tool to market their websites, and therefore, they have started organizing stumble exchanges. Stumble Exchanging is a technique where you stumble someone’s website and in return they stumble yours in order to receive immediate traffic and website visibility. This process has become quite popular with webmasters because when you start stumble exchanging, you are already getting additional traffic in no time.

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