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"If you want to increase website traffic then Squeeze Page Optimization is a must!"

There are several SEO processes that you may have come across or heard of while optimizing your website or web pages. A “squeeze page” is also one of these processes often heard of as one of the best techniques for list building.

Building a mailing list is very important for online businesses today and in order to build your list, you can use a squeeze page which is a great tool that serves your list building purpose. In simple terms, a squeeze page is usually a webpage whose main purpose is to perform one task; ie. obtaining or squeezing out the information of people visiting your website. This helps you to gather their email information so that you can correspond with them for any offers, updates, or any other information that you would like to send across to them.

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The advantage of this method is that its an opt in concept where you can obtain the email address of your visitors in return for what you are offering to them. By voluntarily entering their information on your website, the users grant you the permission to email them.

A good squeeze page should be appealing and contain the following components:

A headline that is attention grabbing
You must ensure that your headline is appealing and immediately grabs the attention of the visitor. To achieve this you can try placing a bolded headline below your website logo or title. It is a good idea to experiment with two to three headlines to check out which works best and has a high conversion rate.

Additionally, your headings must contain statements that can deliver value to your users. This is because if your visitor believes that you can deliver what you have stated, then they will surely sign up for what you are offering.

Free offers
One of the best techniques to attract people to provide you their name and email address is to offer free gifts like free e-books, free reports, etc. This will entice more people to sign up to or subscribe to your offers or make purchases from your website which will in turn increase your conversions.

Avoid squeezing out too much information
Since the main purpose of a squeeze page is to capture your visitor’s information to serve as a first medium of contact with them, you must refrain from asking too many details in your subscription or sign up box. At this point in time you only need to know your visitor’s name and email and asking for information beyond this may turn away your visitors and cause your conversion rate to fall. There is always another time when you can give an opportunity to your subscribers to give you more information.

Keep your squeeze page short
It is important that you keep your squeeze page short and to the point rather than making it like a sales page which contains several reasons on why a person should buy something from that website. For instance, your squeeze page should clearly state what you are offering and what the visitor needs to do in order to get what you are offering.

Avoid external links on your squeeze page
You should also avoid placing any external links on your squeeze page. This means that there should be no links directing to any of your pages on your website, no links to other sites, and also no AdSense ads should be there on your squeeze page. This is because such links will divert the attention of your visitor to other pages and will not serve your purpose of getting them to sign up for your products or services. So, it is a good idea to remove all these distractions so that your visitor is left with only two options – either to sign up or leave the page.

Assure your visitor’s privacy
Another point to keep in mind while using a squeeze page is to assure your visitors that all information they enter will be kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone. You must let your visitors know that by entering their personal details in your sign up section, they can trust you on maintaining their privacy. This can be done by placing this message next to the submit button or by displaying this message prominently on your squeeze page.

The above are some of the best practices that can be followed when using a squeeze page in order to increase the number of visitors signing up or subscribing to your mailing list.

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