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SEO Keyword Density For Your Webpage

Keyword Density means the number of times a keyword exists in a webpage compared to the total number of words in that webpage. From the SEO perspective, keyword density determines whether a webpage is related to a particular keyword or not.

Once you have conducted a proper keyword research and narrowed down your keyword list to those keywords that have strong relevance to your website, high search volume, and relatively less competition, the next step would be to find out what would be the best keyword density before placing text on your webpage.

Keyword Density

The concept of an ideal keyword density is debatable and has led to an extensive discussion among SEO experts and webmasters on what the recommended density should be to achieve a good search engine ranking. There is no fixed keyword density percentage that needs to be maintained for a webpage; however, you must make sure that your website keyword density is neither too low (which will not bring in optimal gain) nor too high (which will be considered as spamming and can lead to you site getting penalized).

Maintaining an ideal keyword density will help search engines to use the information to understand a website’s theme and decide which keywords the site is related to. It will also help you get a higher search engine ranking. However, when trying to achieve this, it is important to avoid overloading your webpage with too many of these keywords because search engines consider this practice as keyword stuffing and this can lead to your site getting banned.

Finding Out The Best Keyword Density
There are several tools available online that help SEO’s and webmasters attain an ideal keyword density for a set of keywords. All you have to do is enter your URL in them and these tools will analyze the webpage and check the density of your keywords and keyword phrases contained in your text. Usually these tools indicate the number of times a keyword appears in the content on your webpage and also the percentage.

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