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Internet Marketing - The Purpose of Having an Internet Marketing Plan

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How does one achieve results when there are billions of websites that are competing with each other? Website marketing is the answer! However, having a website is one aspect while marketing it is another aspect. Website marketing involves strategies that one uses to attract visitors, target the online market, encourage visitors to buy services or products and achieve repeat sales!  Having a well designed website will not serve any purpose if there are no visitors to it and if no one buys what you are offering.

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This article focuses on the importance of:

  1. Online Objectives
  2. Identifying the Target Market
  3. Internet Marketing Strategy

Online Objectives:
There must be an objective of your website even before you create your website. The primary and the secondary objectives need to be clearly outlined. All the elements of your website should be in-sync with the overall objective of your website. Even if you have to make any changes to your website in terms of adding or deleting any data or elements, it should be in sync with the overall objectives. In fact when a website is being designed, it should be synchronized with the company’s objectives.

The primary objectives of a website should include the following:

  1. Offering product support and customer support.
  2. Selling your service or product.
  3. Offering the company’s information.
  4. Offering service or product information.
  5. Building the brand equity of the brand and the company.

The secondary objectives should include the following:

  1. The website should be search engine friendly.
  2. The website should be able to persuade repeat traffic.
  3. Viral marketing elements must be included so that visitors can recommend your service or product to others.
  4. Permission marketing should be incorporated so that the visitors can receive emails on a regular basis from you, as they have given you the permission.
  5. Customer loyalty must be encouraged.
  6. Elements that encourage the stickiness of a visitor must be incorporated.

Identifying the Target Markets
It is important that you identify all the target markets that your website is designed for. For every target market that is identified, one needs to consider the following:

  1. What the target markets need?
  2. What the target markets want?
  3. What are the target markets expectations?

A WOW factor needs to be determined for the entire target markets that you would like to concentrate on. There should be something on your website that should WOW your visitors every time they come and visit your website. The idea is to segment market based on the needs, wants and expectations of your customers.

Internet Marketing Strategy
The services and products that you want to promote online need to be well defined. It is possible that the service and product you want to market online is the same as the one that you have in your offline store. It is also possible that the services and products that you offer in your offline store are much more than your online store, or vice-versa. However, identifying the right internet marketing strategy will make a difference.

For example, if your offline store is selling chocolates and your online store is offering the same chocolates without gift wrapping or free shipping, then you could be losing a lot of business to your competitors, who would be offering these services – free shipping, etc.

Therefore, it is important to define and develop internet marketing strategies based on the services and products you sell!


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