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"Let your Google AdWords account be optimized by a GAP certified professional only, else you can fear the risk of your account being banned for life!"

In the last couple of days many Google AdWords accounts have been suspended. Most of the AdWords customers are wondering as to why their accounts are suspended. All that the Google’s AdWords customer receives is an email from the Google AdWords Team stating that your account has been suspended and your advertisements will not run in Google. The reason being non compliance with Google’s terms of service and advertising policies. Have you received one such email from the Google’s Team?

Google AdWords

These accounts that are suspended are mostly from customers who are either new to AdWords or have outsourced their AdWords Optimization to third parties to do so.

The problem faced in such situations creates a bad experience for the AdWords customers and an additional burden to Google AdWords reviewers. However, who is responsible for such things. Let’s take a closer look at each of these 2 cases and understand what happens and how problems can be prevented.

Many customers who are new to AdWords are unaware of Google’s Policies and Terms and Conditions that they need to adhere to while setting up their accounts. Google’s Help Center does provide all the necessary information for the new customers but many of them ignore it and just get started right away. They start with the AdWords account creation by creating the new campaigns, ad groups, and stuffing a huge list of keywords. The next thing that happens is a good amount of money is spent as a daily budget and then one fine day one is shocked with an email that their account is suspended.

On the other hand, many customers who want to use AdWords and do not know how to use it outsource it to third party providers. These providers are contacted through any project bidding site. There these customers post their requirements and set a budget that they think they can afford. Many of the providers bid on those projects. Some providers bid as low as $50 for a project that is worth $500. Looking at the affordable price many customers award these AdWords projects to these providers. End result, in most cases dissatisfaction!

After a few days the AdWords customer gets very disappointed and posts a negative remark against the provider in the project bidding system. And then after a few days their account also gets suspended.

So what would be the solution to prevent such situations from occurring? The solution lies in searching for a good provider who has the necessary credentials for optimizing an AdWords account.

  1. Ask your provider if they are GAP certified? GAP stands for Google AdWords Professional. This certification is only awarded when a person writes an online exam and is well versed with the Google Policies and Terms and Conditions?
  2. Find out if your provider has any hands on experience in optimizing Google AdWords accounts?
  3. For how long has your provider been optimizing Google AdWords accounts?
  4. Has your provider hired any staff from Google?
  5. How will they go about optimizing the Google AdWords account?
  6. Most important of all is whether the provider offers to take a look at your account to understand what needs to be optimized or just jumps into the project to earn money regardless of the fact that the account needs an initial diagnosis and study.

You may also come across instances where your account is permanently suspended and even if you try opening a new account with different information, you are likely to get suspended again. The reason being Google having a well built out system to track the advertiser through various means.

So, in this scenario you will not be able to use Google paid advertising which could have got you that instant traffic and conversions. But don’t let this disappoint you. You still stand a good chance to advertise on Google – but this time it’s not AdWords but through organic search. Yes, this is one area where you can promote your website through SEO (search engine optimization) and show on top of the search results of Google.

There are unlimited opportunities waiting for you and it is up to you to decide if you want to cry over lost AdWords opportunity or to venture out for more opportunities using SEO and hitting on top of the search engines.

Most of us will always like to make the optimum use of our hard-earned money. But what is the use if you can’t reap the benefits of your investment. In most cases, low priced services do not offer the best quality. They are low priced because the quality is compromised. Hire the right person and pay the right price for your Google AdWords optimization and prevent your account from being suspended or if you are unable to advertise through AdWords, then have the best SEO Company to promote your website and rank you on top in the search engines.

The choice is now in your hands!

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