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Being The Master of Web Designing From A SEO Perspective

"A checklist that you need to keep in mind when you are designing your website through a web designer. keeping these points in mind will help you to increase website traffic!"

Today everyone wants a website and for that a web designing company is the best place to make one. However, do web designing companies make a website that is good in all terms like structure, color, programming, etc? Some would surely say yes, but I do not agree with that. I would say, web designers just create a website, but there is more to that for a client to look into while getting the website built.

The following article describes the points that one must keep in mind when contracting with a web designing company to develop a website.

Website Designing

Website Structure and Placement:
What kind of a website are you looking for? How many columns do you want the website to have? Where do you want to place what and why? What kind of programming do you want to have for the website? What kind of technology do you want the website to be built on? For example: HTML, Drupal, PHP, Dot Net, Joomla, etc.

W3C Validation:
In most cases the client only sees if the website is running well, all the pages are opening correctly, and the content is correctly placed on each page. Very often the client and the web designer neglect the number of errors that are present on the website. With W3C validation, you will know exactly how many errors are there on each page. Besides the errors, you will also see the number of warnings for each page of your website. This is extremely important from an SEO perspective.

Tip: Ask the web designer to show a few websites they have built and check them for any errors and warnings. This is the best way to ascertain the quality of work of a web designer or a web designing company.

On Page Optimization:
When a website is built by the web designer, it is important that the client gives specifications regarding on page optimization. On Page Optimization refers to the meta description, meta keywords, meta title, alt tags, and header tags. There are so many websites that are built where these points are ignored. If these points are kept in mind, you can save a good amount of money that would actually be spent towards On Page Optimization. Additionally, it will also help the spiders to crawl your website and also index the pages properly.

Now that we have the 3 main elements in our control, we need to look at another element that plays an important role towards the success of a website. Multi-variant testing is an essential element to know which pages are preferred best by the visitors and what is not preferred.

This technique is used to determine which creative variation or content creates the finest perfection in the defined objectives of a website design. This could be focused on either the home page (index page) or all of the internal pages of the website. If implemented correctly, you will see a phenomenal increase in the number of conversions, traffic and also ROI by testing the different elements like layout, background colors, copy text and landing page images.

An important point to note is that all elements may not generate the same increase in conversions. It’s through conducting different tests it would be possible to ascertain the elements that generate the rise in conversions!