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SEO Copywriting

"Target your keywords in your content so that your webpages can be easily searched, thereby you can increase website traffic!"

SEO Copywriting, also called search engine optimization copywriting or search engine copywriting, is a technique of writing webpage content in such a way that it contains targeted keywords with an ideal keyword density. This is a crucial part of the SEO process as it involves creating compelling text that would make readers remember by linking back to it. The ultimate goal of search engine copywriting is to help the site achieve a high ranking in search engine results for the targeted keywords. SEO Copywriting also involves the optimization of other on-page elements like the title, keyword tags, main description, and the headings.

SEO Copywriting

The main purpose of SEO Copywriting is writing search engine friendly content and also ensuring that this content makes sense and is relevant to the person visiting the site. Many times SEO experts fail to do so and end up creating content solely for the search engines. This does not serve the purpose as it may get tremendous traffic to your site but will not make any sense to those who do not find what they are looking for.

Generally search engines give more preference to pages that contain genuine content and not ‘doorway pages’ (considered as a Black Hat SEO technique) that are created solely for the purpose of achieving high search engine rankings. In all probability the search engines would recognize and index web pages that are SEO copy written and the rankings attained by such websites will be more stable.

SEO Copywriting Advantages

  1. Search engine copywriting brings tons of targeted and real traffic to your site. You only have to incur a one time cost involved in SEO Copywriting and do not have to pay for the clicks you receive from organic search results when compared to sponsored links which require you to pay for every single click.
  2. SEO Copywriting helps achieve a high search engine ranking by creating search engine friendly content and also aids in better reading for the Internet user.
  3. Since SEO Copywriting involves the skill of embedding webpage content with targeted keywords, it helps visitors easily locate your webpage. This in turn boosts visitor traffic which brings better prospects for your business.
  4. With search engine copywriting your website stands high chances of showing in the top position of search results. This brings more visibility to your site which serves as a competitive advantage for you.
  5. SEO Copywriting also helps in increasing your conversion rates. When the webpage content is appealing and persuasive to the users it can lead to the action you desire. This can be either a purchase, subscription to your service, or any other action that you would want the user to take after visiting your site.

However it is important to understand that SEO Copywriting is a good option when search terms are not highly competitive. For example, if your business deals with loans and mortgages, you may want to use the keyword “finance”. However, the term “finance” being a very generic term will have tons of competitors using it to gain a top ranking. In this case it would be very hard to enter into the competition and overtake other competitors showing on the first page. It would be a better option for you to use keywords like “loans” and “mortgages” instead as they would have more potential for you to succeed in your rankings due to lesser competition.

Search Engine Copywriting is also a favorable option when budget isn’t a constraint. This is because SEO Copywriting is a time consuming and tedious process and proficient copywriters may not always be cheap. However, inspite of all these, the benefits of SEO Copywriting cannot be overruled. It is a process that can assure you profitable results and rank stability if done the right way.

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