About Us

SEO Traffic Spider, one of the premier SEO firms and also an offspring of Bellamonte Nash Outsourcing, is a global provider offering its customers a full suite of SEO solutions ranging from Indexing, Optimization - On Page/Off Page, Linking, SEO Copywriting, Site Overhauling, Traffic Analytics, etc. SEO Traffic Spider is based in India, but irrespective of where our clients may be based, we are never more than a few clicks away.
Affordable SEO Services

In today’s dynamic and emerging competitive market, surviving and excelling has become even more challenging for companies. We at SEO Traffic Spider, make it possible to transform your ideas into reality with our expertise and grow your business. Our experienced personnel, mature processes, and robust systems help provide business solutions within your budget, on time, and with the highest quality levels.

We help our clients to focus their resources on their mission critical business operations and save time and costs involved in functions that can be outsourced to us.

Why Choose Us As Your Digital Marketing Partner?

1. Our approach is client focused and we put you first

2. We first understand your business and then develop a strategy to ensure that your business goals are met

3. We are a one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs

4. We have a talented pool of experts that work with us

5. All the submissions that are done are manual and we do not use any automated software

6. We have a dedicated resource that is mapped to your project

7. All our processes are tested and also updated as per the latest Google Algorithm update

8. We send you a daily report on the work that is been done

9. We have 2 awards to our credit – Google AdWords Certification and Expert Author Certification from Ezine Articles

Always remember that high traffic and ranking are of no value if it does not convert into leads! We create measurable ROI, that can take your business to the next level.

Our Mission

The mission of SEO traffic spider is to enable a business achieve its success strategically thereby providing employment opportunities to those who are passionate about making a difference!

SEO Traffic Spider believes in actively collaborating with customers to build a positive and lasting business impact and relationship by providing time bound and cost effective services.

Our Team

Our team comprises of people from varied backgrounds and originalities who have the passion for their work. They believe in delivering the best to our clients by identifying opportunities and creating them into solutions.


Media Communication

Pooja is a seasoned media and communications strategist of Indian descent fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi. She has over a decade of experience in the field of media and communications, strategic relationship management, communications and events for SEO Traffic Spider. She has been instrumental in successfully repositioning the company's brand to an accelerate growth in both the consumer and enterprise location intelligence businesses. She also leads SEO Trafffic Spider's efforts to engage with strategic corporate partnerships. She has been working with us since 2008 and plays a vital role in the business.



Nerdy Spider

Farazdak is the founder of Bellamonte Nash Outsourcing who is a young dynamic entrepreneur who brings over 18 years of varied industry experience blended with corporate leadership. His experience encompasses Internet Marketing, Consulting, Strategy, Lead Generation, Business Setup - BOOT, Customer Service, Process Transition, pre-sales, extensive experience in the end-to-end delivery of outsourced processes having been involved and responsible for transitioning processes. Ensured the highest level of satisfaction to clients for managed deliveries, bringing about exponential growth in profitability.



Chief Content Strategists

Sabiha brings 20 years of extensive experience developing strategic editorial digital content for brands. This includes developing editorial calendars with a focus on SEO and creative goals as well as editing and writing a high volume of daily content, managing freelancers, working with photo studios, and more to implement the vision and mission of the brand.

Additionally, she has experience developing social media strategies across all channels including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.



Business Development Strategists

Meherdil based out of the United States of America - Washngton looks after the Business Development piece of the business and expertise in client acquisition. His excellent customer engagement and sales skills has helped in building a strong relationship and trust among customers and being a brand ambassador of value proposition offered by the company.

He has been the key in driving the complete sales cycle, Revenue, Profits, customer management, pricing strategies among others.



Design Coding Strategists

Rama ChandraShekar brings 11 years of innovative experience of driving web development and strategy of Open Source, Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, PHP, and .Net technologies in various capacities in the field of Information Technology. Knowledgeable in Project Management, Information Engineering and software quality processes and methodologies, specifically for offshore development.

He understands the roles of creativity, technology, processes, and leadership that play in making the DNA of our business.



Digital Media Wizard

Sarita is our dynamic Digital Media Wizard with excellent communication skills and hands on experience on digital marketing tools to build brands & drive lead generation campaigns. She is an expert in creating and executing digital marketing strategies for clients, workshop promotions and lead generation for both, building new strategies, emails etc.

Exploring and reaching out to partner associations for activation program, planning, developing, launching and sustaining high-impact, integrated digital programs aligned with the objectives.

Our History


SEO Traffic Spider

In 2008, SEO Traffic Spider was born. A small venture with no capital but with a vision to help businesses succeed in their marketing efforts. Back then we specialized in On Page and Off Page Optimization.


Addition of Google AdWords - PPC

2009 brought in a project of background deletion, besides the normal SEO & SEM work. During this time we also added Google AdWords to our portfolio of services.


Content Writing

2010 we opened our creative writing studio and started developing content for websites from a SEO perspective.


Website Development

2011 we got ourselves actively involved with website designing.


Strategic Consulting Services

2013 we started advsing companies as to how they need to go ahead with their marketing activities and what works well and what doesn't.


Google Partner

In 2015 we got ourselves certified with Google AdWords - Search & YouTube, and we got our badge in 2016