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SEO IP Class - Which Class of IP is Best Suited for SEO and Why

"When you are hosting your website, pay importance to the IP Class that will is associated with your domain if you want to increase website traffic!"

SEO IP Class

There are several ways web hosting can be utilized for SEO purposes. In fact, there is a special kind of web hosting called “SEO Web Hosting.” This kind of hosting enables the companies to exercise greater control over their clients’ internet properties or domains in that they can make them (domains) appear separate web properties to the search engines.  This practice prevents their client domain rankings from being filtered by the web hosting filters.

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What is an IP class?
In order to understand an IP class, we must first understand what is an IP or an Internet Protocol address.  An IP address is a numeric address of your computer. For example, an IP address looks like: It consists of four parts called: Class A, B, C, D. In this address, the figure 74 is called Class A; 86 is class B; 246 is class C; and 210 is class D.

Of these four classes, class C or C class is important for hosting a site from the SEO point of view.

What are "Multiple C Class IP Addresses?"
When you have multiple class C IP addresses, each address has a different C number. Some web hosting companies give you multiple C IP addresses. Multiple C class IP hosting is a very powerful SEO tool to boost the page ranks of the websites. These addresses are specially designed for seoing the blogs and small websites.

Why do we need multiple C IP class web hosting?
It is quite well-known that the best way to secure high page rank for a website on Google search pages is to have as many links (rather back links) as possible directing the searchers to that website.

Getting the back link is, therefore, the greatest challenge for the webmasters or internet marketers to optimize their websites. Most people resort to link spamming, link harvesting, or similar other black hat techniques to get backlinks in order to boost the rank of their websites. This is obviously not an ethical way.
Moreover, Google also does not approve the links from websites that are hosted on IP addresses in the same IP C class as yours. Multiple C IP class web hosting is a powerful tool to circumvent Google’s stringent web hosting conditions and getting back links from the same IP C Class address.

Getting Multiple C Class IP hosting is quite easy. You should go to the website of a Multiple C Class IP Hosting provider and sign up for 5-10 Multiple C Class IP package. Search the internet for comparative shopping to get the best deal. Register 5-10 different domain names related to the main niche keyword/phrase of your website.

Create 5-10 Wordpress blogs with the domain names you have acquired. Write original, informative and useful blogs with main keywords/phrases. Create text links and use them as back links to connect to your website.

The large number of back links coming from so many websites is sure to boost your search engine ranking for your niche keywords or phrases. Getting back links from different websites is all that the modern SEO is about. You can maintain your high page rank for a long time by creating more and more blogs or articles on your websites.


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