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"Leave behind your signature link after actively participating in the forum, which in turn will help you to increase website traffic!"

Forum Posting today has taken on an important stance in boosting SEO efforts. Forum posting simply means posting new threads or replying to old ones in forums in order to get quality inbound links to a website. If forum posting is done the right way then it can drive targeted traffic to a website. However, if it is done incorrectly, it would result in waste of time which could have otherwise been spent on growing your business.

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Additionally, getting backlinks from forums that are reputed can be very beneficial. However, at times there could be a possibility of your post being edited or deleted by the forum administrator if they find that your posting does not adhere to the forum policy. Moreover, there may be times when the administrators may not allow any links in posts until they are totally relevant. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the kind of posts you make in forums in order to take advantage of them.

In order to get the best results through forum posting, it is important to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Find forums having high traffic – To get the maximum visibility and exposure, you must post in forums that have high visitor traffic. You must try to find forums that have atleast million page views in a month. If you end up posting in forums that have very less traffic, it will not help you maximize your results.
  2. Make your presence felt – It is also important to let people know who you are, especially when you are out there to promote your brand or build business relationships. You can add a more personal touch and connect with people when you post in forums by using your own name rather than a fictitious or funny name that disguises your identity. Moreover, people are more likely to connect to you when they can know who you are. Additionally, putting up your photo can also help increase the responsiveness of people to your postings.
  3. Append a signature file and a link to your website – A signature file is a pre written personal footer that is used as a closing line for emails. This usually contains the name and address of the sender or any other text that the sender wishes to have as his closing line. You can use your signature file when you post in forums so that people who are interested can contact you. Also, posting a link that points to your site can help drive interested visitors to your site and hence increase traffic.
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